Phosphate Ester Pre-saturated Cleaning Wipes For Cleaning Industrial Hydraulic Components

SkyMark, the only patent pending phosphate ester wipe compatible with both Skydrol and HyJet with an endorsement from

The Boeing Company

SkyMark is specifically designed with the needs of your company and the end user in mind. The wipe is made from 100% biodegradable lint-free and pharmaceutical-grade cotton.

It can capture particles down to 5 microns and leaves a smooth surface polished.

With the precise amount of type V phosphate ester saturating the cotton wipe, there is no waste and is therefore a more efficient saver of time, money, and resources for every type of operation.

SkyMark Type V (Part number 9X9-SM-V) is backwards compatible with all other types of phosphate ester hydraulic fluids.


What Can SkyMark be used for?

SkyMark is suitable for seals made with butyl rubber or ethylene-propylene elastomers.

Where Can You Purchase SkyMark Wipes For Your Fleet?

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